GATES, N.Y. (WROC) — Over the weekend, roughly a dozen cars were stolen from a rental agency near the airport in the Town of Gates. Gates Police Chief Robert Long spoke with News 8 about the incident.

Initially, police reported there had been 17 cars stolen from the Hertz Rental Car spot by the airport. That number is now closer to 12, after Hertz cross-referenced some inventory. Long said he’s never seen anything quite like this.

“Definitely something out of a movie,” Long said. “You know it’s not something that you normally see. This isn’t the day-to-day actions that go on down there, so.”

At some point between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, approximately five suspects broke into the Hertz Rental Car location on Ajax Road in Gates.

Police say security video shows the suspects cutting the fence to the secured lot. Among the cars stolen was a Chevy Suburban which was used to get the other cars off the lot.

As of Monday afternoon, Gates Police Chief Robert Long said between six and eight cars have been recovered.

“One of the vehicles was used to push a box truck out of the way of a gate and then they used the vehicle again to push the gate open so there is some damage to that vehicle as soon as that one gets recovered. We just obviously know that from the items it hit. But the other ones that have been recovered are in good condition,” Long said.

The recovered cars were found various locations throughout the city of Rochester, although no specific streets were provided.

“Nothing else has arisen from this event,” he added. “The cars that we know of haven’t been used in any other crimes throughout the county or the city. We’re just slowly recovered some of them — the ones that we were able to.”

The Chief noted one of his officers viewed the security footage, but they do not have any suspect descriptions available. Citing the “raise the age” law, he said that recent trends indicate the incident may be involving teens.

“In most of these cases were finding teenage kids that don’t even have drivers license taking these cars and ending up in possession of them,” he said. “I would say it would be a very good assumption that it’s teenagers that are in possession of the vehicles again.”

Hertz Media Relations provided the following statement Tuesday, confirming the incident:

We can confirm the theft of several vehicles at our Rochester Airport Hertz location and we are working with law enforcement on their investigation.