At Future Boxing Club, kids don’t just watch the Olympics and dream of being it there – they make it happen with the help of teachers and coaches.

“These kids watch these national competitions and I let them know, ‘This is the way you go to the Olympics,’” said president Phil Greene. “So you keep training, and one day you’ll be in the Olympics.”

Four kids that train with Future Boxing don’t just watch national competitions – they win them.

The gym has the belts to prove it, after sending the four fighters to Missouri for the 2016 Ringside World National Boxing Championships.

“My favorite part about boxing is you can travel around the world and become a champion,” said Jay’von Cummings.

“I’m so proud of these kids because it’s unheard of for one gym to have four champions going down to nationals,” Greene said. “These kids went down there, fought for a week straight, everyday, so for them to come back with that belt – it’s great.”

But it’s more than the belts and titles. The hard work training in the gym, and making healthy lifestyle choices outside of the gym, help kids from getting into trouble.

“You cannot fight out of anger. That’s what the kids learn,” said Greene. “That’s why they don’t get into a lot of outside fights because you can’t be angry in that ring. The madder you get, the more you get hit.”

You’ve got to come to the gym more, eat healthy, and keep on working,” said Nevaeha Nelson.

The kids and coaches at Future Boxing are always grateful to this community, which helps them keep kids in the gym, off the streets, and helps pay for the cost of sending them to the tournaments. That’s why they say they’re proud to share the titles they’ve won with Rochester.

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