IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Part of the former Irondequoit mall is getting closer to welcoming people inside again as it becomes the new community center in town.

Irondequoit town supervisor Dave Seeley said he stops by the old mall each week and it’s getting to the point where he doesn’t recognize parts of it anymore.

“That’s what we said all along is we want to take your perception of what something was and what you think it might’ve still been and reimagine it,” Seeley said.

The area that used to be a courtyard outside of JC Penney will now be a gym. It will be used for basketball, volleyball, and something many older adults are requesting, pickleball courts. Near the gym there will also be turf fields, a fitness center, and a dance studio.

Up on the second floor will be a modern, naturally-lit cafeteria for older adults to enjoy. While there will be a lot for older adults, he’s hoping it goes beyond that.

“Not just our seniors too, we’re looking to pivot really after, in evenings, and transition to a place where teens would want to come. So it’s gonna be really multigenerational here and that’s what we wanted to do is have an experience for the entire town.”

Seeley said he’s excited to see the completed transformation and welcome people inside again.

“That’s what I think people are so nostalgic for is a mall where they used to come and have experiences and now we’re building a place where they’re gonna be able to have experiences with their children, their parents, their grandparents, that’s what excites me most.”

Seeley said they plan to open the community center in late summer.