When a home caught fire on Richland Street Wednesday night, Rochester firefighters had to battle two elements.
“It’s cold,” Battalion Chief Patrick Agostinelli said. “We have RTS here and they were nice enough to send a bus for our guys to warm up a little bit.”
Over in Macedon, Assistant Fire Chief Scott Floyd said during the winter months, working against Mother Nature isn’t easy, but they try to prepare ahead of time.
“We usually keep an ambulance on standby,” he said. “As guys get done, we send them over to warm up in the ambulance and get their vitals checked.”
Brighton firefighters told News 8 another challenge is keeping equipment working in bitter cold temperatures.
“Water can freeze, so we keep the hose lines going,” Lt. Chris Gunter said.
But even with preparation, Lt. Gunter said Mother Nature isn’t predictable at all.
“You can have wind conditions that complicate things, as well as ice conditions if we have people on a roof. If roofs are covered with snow and ice, that can be treacherous,” Lt. Gunter explained.