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Fidget Spinners, latest toy craze, are being banned in certain schools

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Kids call them fidget spinners or fidget widgets. These toys are the latest craze among kids and some schools are banning them because they claim they’re a distraction. 

They’re small spinners that rotate really fast and sustain high speeds for a while after just one spin. These toys are so popular, they’ve sold out in many stores in our area. Some parents say it’s not only fun to play with but can actually be helpful to their child’s mental growth. 

“I think they would be really helpful thing and if my daughter has any ADD or anything, I would definitely like her to be able to have something like that,” said Russell Hamilton. 

Some schools in our area have banned these toys in the classrooms because they can be a distraction to other students. The Greece Central School District is letting the teachers decide whether or not they feel it’s appropriate for students to use them in class. 

The principal at School 23 in Rochester has sent a letter home to parents, asking them to keep their kids from bringing the fidget spinners to school. 

“We’re seeing more of them being used as a distraction, at this point, than supporting a student’s needs,” said principal John Gonzalez. “This is a school based decision. We understand that there may be students that do require this type of support, so it’s not about us banning them or taking them away from students.”

 Principal Gonzalez says he does believe these toys can be beneficial to students that need them, but he says much of the feedback from teachers on having them in the classroom has not been positive.” 

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