ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Musicians of all skill levels and ages gathered at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford for the annual Fiddlers’ Fair & Making Music Weekend.

Visitors explored the 19th-century Historic Village while spending the day immersed in live music, with multiple stages, food, and drinks on Saturday and Sunday.

Becky Wehle, president of the Genesee Country Village & Museum, says the event has been a mainstay of the museum for decades, providing a chance for musicians of all ages throughout the area to entertain visitors and learn from each other while exploring New York State’s musical roots.

“Fiddling was a huge part of 19th-century culture, and so what we’re trying to do is show some of that history, but as you’ve seen, there are also other instruments,” says Becky.

She says anyone who brings an instrument gets in free, and the event is welcome to all — “From students who are just learning up to experienced musicians who have been doing it for many years.”

Becky says one of the most rewarding aspects of the event is the younger generation carrying on the traditions.

“One of the exciting parts is seeing all the youngsters who are here, so they’ve brought their violins or other string instruments, and they are either playing together, they’re playing with some older musicians, and that’s a really key way we are able to keep this tradition going — by teaching the younger generation about music and its history,” she says.

The event’s overall goal, Becky says, is to “Remember the past and appreciate what music is like today.”

For more information about the museum and its upcoming events, visit the Genesee Country Village & Museum website.