ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New developments in the case against a local gynecologist accused of fertility fraud. A local man who says he learned the doctor is his biological father is speaking out.

A lawsuit filed by Morgan Hellquist of Geneseo in September indicated there were a few half-siblings, but now, there may be more than a dozen others.

Years after learning the truth about his father, local real estate agent CJ Lore is still actively processing the information.

“For me, I grew up my whole life being told that I needed to watch myself because I had a high probability of dying young, just like my father,” CJ said.

As a kid, CJ explains he had been led to believe the man mentioned above was his true father; the man he was named after, looked up to, and loved.

“So learning at age 35 that that wasn’t the case, I compare it to running a marathon and finding out you could have taken a cab the whole time.”

In 2019, CJ says a DNA match on connected him to a half-sister, Morgan. The connection was their biological father, Dr. Morris Wortman.

“So it was February 2019-ish the first person that I came in contact with was Morgan, we matched up and we got on the phone and she kind of explained to me what had happened,” CJ said.

A lawsuit filed last fall accuses Dr. Wortman of using his own sperm to inseminate a patient, rather than a sperm donor, without the patient’s knowledge.

“For us, the kids, for him to have the ability to check up on us our whole lives and have that knowledge without any of the ​responsibility … [an] anonymous donor is an anonymous donor and he was not anonymous. He knew who we were,” CG said.

Now, with more of stories being shared, CJ is continuing to process all of the emerging information.

“When I first found out about it I was very angry. That moved to kind of developing some understanding of where my mother was at, and even where Dr. Wortman was probably at and that’s kind of how I have to process it for me,” CJ said.

“We currently have 16 siblings we know about so there’s likely close to 100 — all from here. I could have easily fallen in love with one of my sisters and never known it and never found out,” CJ explains.

Through his personal story, CJ says he hopes for a clearer pathway and support system for all victims of this type of fraud. For CJ, that means starting with birth certificates.

“If both my parents died in a car accident on the way home from taking me home, I should have a fail-safe way that that information is going to be disclosed to me, as a person, that’s a basic human right,” CJ said.

News8 reached out to Dr. Wortman’s office on South Clinton Ave. for comment. We were told he was not available on Monday, and has not yet returned a phone call.

For CJ, another hope for sharing his story is to spark real and serious talks about trauma, and emotional health.

“There’s a lot of men out there who are having this problem. There’s a lot of men who thought their father was one guy, found out he was another as an adult and that’s just a conversation we need to not take lightly because that is damaging,” he says.

Last year, legislation was introduced in the New York State Senate aimed at making the crime of fertility fraud a felony offense.

CJ’S lawyer tells News 8 more lawsuits are expected to be filed in this case.