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FCC ruling could allow marketing calls to go straight to your voicemail

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Marketing calls usually make your cellphone ring, but that may change depending on a Federal Communications Commission ruling. 

Credit card, financing and debt collection calls could legally go straight to your voicemail box.

Ringless voiceless software companies argue that since the phone never actually “rings,” their ringless voicemails should not be regulated by the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a move supported by the Republican National Committee, which said regulating the practice might affect political outreach campaigns.

Consumer advocates say that allowing these kinds of calls to go straight to voicemail would be even more invasive. 

You can share your thoughts with the FCC, but Friday is the last day for public comment.

To submit your comments to the FCC, go to, enter 02-278 in the field for “Proceeding(s)” and type your comments at the bottom of the page.

Additional information is available on

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