Fat tires keep bicyclists riding during snow

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The snow and ice mean an end for many bikers around Rochester, but a few local shops say the season is never over as a new trend in “fat bikes” is sweeping the northeast.

RV&E Bike Shop in Fairport was usually quieter in the winter for the bike section until they started selling fat bikes.

Owner Doug Sharp says popularity has been going up and up. “Fat tire bikes have really exploded on the cycling scene as different categories of bikes,” said Sharp.

The tires are several inches wider than a normal mountain bike and they act like a snowshoe. “If you’re in the snow, you can ride right across it, you can float right on top,” said Sharp.

Tony Mueckl at Park Ave Bike Shop says lower tire pressure helps with traction. He calls them a gateway into cycling. “More and more people that start riding in the summer, and just want to keep carrying it right in,” said Mueckl. “People are actually commuting on these.”

Gloves around the handlebar, boots, facemasks and more all options to protect from the harsh of Rochester in Febrary. 

Owners and riders alike say it is addicting. “You’ll ride it, and you’ll go ‘that was awesome,’ and you’ll want to ride it more frequently,” said Sharp.

These bikes start around $1,500 for a quality brand.

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