A family confirms there was no foul play involved in the death of a local woman whose husband later became a suspect in a high-profile murder case.

Paul Tucci was acquitted of all charges in connection with Craig Rideout’s death in July. When he was initially charged last year, questions arose about his wife, Jennifer, who died in 2014. 

On Wednesday, Jennifer’s family released a statement saying she died from liver disease due to alcoholism. 

The Shanahan family released the following statement:

In light of recent media coverage, specifically the Craig Rideout murder case, Jennifer (Shanahan) Tucci’s death has come into question by several media outlets and social media speculation.   

We seek to end any speculation today with this statement.

Jennifer’s death, in August of 2014, was the result of liver disease from battling alcoholism.   She is one of the 88,000 people in this country who lose their long-fought battle with alcohol, each year. While we have kept these private details from the public, we feel the surge of speculation must be addressed.

We reached out to the Monroe County Sherriff’s Department.

The response to our family was done with great professionalism and compassion by the department. We are especially grateful to those who took the time to gather the necessary information and records following Jen’s death.

Our initial assumption was correct: there was no foul play involved with the death of Jennifer.

Any questions surrounding her cause of death was a routine part of a murder investigation. We have the utmost confidence in Dr. Nadia Granger’s findings during her post-mortem exam and testing, and we thank her for her professionalism.

Jennifer was a loving mother of four children and wife who had an incredible gift for making family, friends, and strangers feel at ease. She tirelessly promoted Rochester Catholic Schools and provided many meals to those who were sick, as well as bereaved families.

We ask you to honor Jennifer’s memory by allowing her family some closure in this matter.  

Lynn (Shanahan) Lewandowski (Sister) and Marc Lewandowski
Jeanne Shanahan (Sister)
Thomas and Judith Shanahan (Parents)