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Currie Clanton is a changed man. Once a body builder, Clanton now struggles to walk and talk. His life forever altered, on a day he doesn’t remember.

On July 18th, of last year, Clanton was crossing Upper Falls Boulevard after watching his grandson play baseball. He was hit by a car. The driver fled.

Rochester Police caught up with the driver later that day. It was David Marble Jr. Despite bringing Marble in for questioning, taking some of his blood and writing his name on the crash report as the lead suspect, David Marble Jr. was not arrested and was free to go.

Three months went by and there had been no arrests. On October 30th, News 8 asked Rochester Police about the status of the case, coincidentally that’s the same day RPD says it started actively pursuing marble. By then, marble was long gone.

“Why did they take so long to look for him when they had him?” asked Jerry Bunton, Currie Clanton’s brother.

The Rochester Police Department has been tight lipped about the incident. They initially agreed to an interview to explain why Marble wasn’t arrested, but later declined saying:

“At the request of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, we have been asked not to comment any further about the case involving Mr. Marble. This case has now been turned over to the Monroe County DA’s Office for review.”

The District Attorney chose not to comment on the matter. But, someone did provide answers, David Marble Jr.

“I was coming from work,” said Marble Jr.

While Currie Clanton doesn’t remember July 18th, David Marble Jr. does.

“The only thing I was thinking of after I hit him was, kids. I got two and I’m not going to see them again,” recalled Marble Jr.

Marble Jr. says he reported his car was stolen, and when RPD arrived to his home, he confessed.

He says months later he contacted the police to double check if he was wanted for the hit and run.

“I called the dude. He said there was no warrant. I even called the police station, no warrant,” said Marble Jr.

Marble Jr. said an officer explained why he wasn’t arrested, right away. He said police believed the victim, Currie Clanton, was to blame.

“He told me face to face. We’re sitting down and he said, I know the family. I know the family is drunk and I know he was high that day. And he told me that day that he was high and drunk that day,” recalled Marble Jr.

Clanton’s family says that’s not true and cites the crash report.

“In the comments section it would have said that a drunken individual ran out into the road but, that was not the case. So, my question still goes back to the Rochester Police Department, what was the key that kept this man from being arrested?” asked Bunton.

Both Clanton’s family and Marble Jr. say if the crash didn’t happen in a rough part of the city, law enforcement would have acted differently.

“Anywhere else they probably would have. I probably wouldn’t have been released. They probably, when they took me downtown, I would have been booked right then and there,” said Marble Jr.

“If that’s the way the Rochester Police Department operates in the Clinton Section then I think there needs to be a full scale investigation of the Clinton Section from the top down,” demanded Bunton.

We spoke to Marble Jr. at the Kennebec County Jail in Maine where Marble Jr. is facing other charges. Maine police say Marble Jr. shot and killed two on Christmas morning over a drug feud. Marble says that’s a crime he did not commit. 

Clanton and his family wonder if the Rochester Police Department acted sooner after the hit and run, would two people still be alive in Maine.

“I just feel sad, because he’s still doing the same thing,” said Clanton.

Currie Clanton will never be the same. While he is still searching for answers about his health, his burning question remains, why police didn’t arrest the person who admitted to causing all his pain?

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