Expansion of Transportation Center is frustrating Fairport homeowners

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The expansion of the Fairport Central School District Transportation Center has left a lot of folks who live near and behind it frustrated with the constant noise among other nuisances. A group of homeowners have been voicing their concerns during the school board meetings. However feel their message have fallen on deaf ears.

One homeowner, Catherine Canty, bought her home in the Hadley Farms neighborhood because if its picturesque scene. Within the last few months all of that has changed. 

“Behind me is not quite and it’s not peaceful,” Canty said. “It looks so industrial, you know it’s like something they dropped we don’t know where.”

Other homeowners have echoed the same sentiment. 

“We can’t sleep in this neighborhood after 5 a.m., back up alarms, blowing horns and other nuisances.” said Earl Hall, with the Hadley Farms Homeowners Association. 

According to the Fairport Central School District, the expansion of the Transportation Center off Ayrault Road was approved by voters back in 2016 and underwent through environmental evaluations according to state standards. 

However, some folks are feeling something isn’t adding up since about 300 trees that formed a barrier from all the noise and lights were removed. According to the homeowners association, they’ve made constant request to meet with school leaders about this issue. 

“There’s obnoxious smells that come from that area. In response we’ve said look we’re reasonable people, sit down with us, we have solutions for this. Instead, they have cut us off,” said Hall. 

“We just want a peaceful solution,” said Canty. 

The Hadley Farms Homeowners Association, among other residents, will raise their voice at Tuesday’s school board meeting that will take place at Fairport High School at 6:30 p.m. The homeowners association said they have filed a notice of claim with FCSD and with the New York State Department of Education. 

Fairport Central School District Full Statement: 

Fairport Central School District is in the midst of a capital project approved by voters in 2016. This capital project includes the construction of a new transportation facility on the same site as the existing facility. Prior to construction, the district underwent thorough evaluations of plans pursuant to the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA). This facility services not only the Fairport Central School District but 10 local agencies including police, fire, ambulance and town vehicles. 

The transportation center is a working construction site, is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2019 and will include new lighting, new fencing and new landscaping. Modifications have been made to address current noise and lighting concerns and the additional requests will be evaluated when the project is complete. The district’s willingness to address concerns and make modifications is part of its longstanding commitment to the community to be a good neighbor. 

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