ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and the Seneca Park Zoo have announced that Timila, Seneca Park Zoo’s 4-year-old snow leopard, gave birth to a male cub on Friday.

The zoo said this is Timila’s second litter at Seneca Park Zoo with 10-year-old male, Kaba, as a result of a breeding recommendation from the Snow Leopard SSP.

“Although Timila gave birth in her nest box and appeared to be caring for the cub in the morning, it became clear that animal care staff needed to intervene at the end of the day. When the cub was examined, he was hypothermic and dehydrated, so the difficult decision to hand raise him was made,” Zoo Director Steve Lacy said.

“The circle of life is always part of the ups and downs at any zoo.  We celebrate any time there is new animal life born and mourn when it is lost,” Monroe County Parks Director Patrick Meredith. said. “Today we can cautiously celebrate the birth of a new cub.  New life is fragile especially in these circumstances.  We call upon our friends of the Zoo to wish our new cub a healthy infancy.  We want to share her with you all in the next few months.”