Since moving into a nursing home, the dining room has been Charlotte Maloy’s favorite spot.

“We sit and talk and it’s very nice,” Maloy said.           

That benefit of a dining room was not lost on the people who designed 3 new cottages that are almost complete at Jewish Senior Life off of Winton Road in Brighton.

Each floor is a home and each home extends out from the kitchen and dining room.

It’s called the Green House model.

“It’s pretty exciting stuff,” said Mike King, Jewish Senior Life CEO. “It’s transformational. We’re going to really be making a difference in our residents’ lives.”          

King says the point is to make this a true home for the 100-plus residents. He is hoping to fill all three of these cottages by the first week of October.

After that, they’re going to concentrate on the Tower, the longstanding Jewish Home building. They’re going to renovate it with a lot of the same concepts found in the Green Houses.

“We’re putting in all private rooms, much more commons spaces, ability to cook more, a wellness center, it’s going to be a beautiful building when that’s all done,” King said of the Tower renovations. 

In all, this project is going to come in at $83 million.

“I hope, at the end of the day, we can start changing the conversation around nursing homes, meaning the conversation about ‘why do I have to go to a nursing home, when I can I come to the Jewish Home’,” King said.           

Charlotte already feels that way.

“I like everything,” she said. “I like my room, the ambience, I like everything.”