Clinton Lofts evictions moving forward, landlord said he withdrew notices

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) —  Several eviction cases for the residents in Clinton Loft Apartments were processed by a judge, resulting in six evictions according to tenant union leaders.

Three properties make up Clinton Lofts, and they’ve all been slapped with code violations, leading to tenants complaining about horrid conditions and holding a tenant strike.

The landlord moved to evict 106 people in response.

Afterward, the landlord responded in a statement, saying: “In addition, all eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent across these three properties have been withdrawn.”

However, tenants have said that did not happen.

On Tuesday, judges heard 14 eviction cases, eight of which were tossed, but according to tenant’s union president Pamela Owens, six eviction cases were approved.

“People are still being evicted for unfair things that are taken place. Hopefully, they will be looked at again, said Owens.

Members of the Rochester City Council sent a letter to Rochester judges, asking for the evictions to be thrown out.

Meanwhile, tenants tell us the landlord is doing little work to fix code violations at the properties

“Cause while they’re doing this we’re over here suffering. And it’s not far we have to live like this with the exposure, with the asbestos and the black mold and the mildew,” said Owens.

Owens said she’s tried to get the city involved for years.

A new Specialized Housing Expedited Part” court (SHEP) could help cases like this move more quickly. The new city court will give tenants a hearing within 22 days of filing a claim, and Owens says she’ll use this court to help hold the landlord accountable and hopes others will as well.

“I am gonna go downtown and file my lawsuit against Conifer for the warrant of habitation,” said Owens. “With this new law passing hopefully people will get the courage to stand up and speak out for their rights.”

Pamela Owens says at this point the tenant’s union has not been able to get in touch with the landlord. She and other tenants are still calling on city judges to not allow further evictions.

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