The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office has reported that they are investigating a garage fire that resulted in the total loss of the garage and a number of collectible motorcycles. 

Deputies say that on Friday at around 10:30 on Friday night, officers responded to the report of a garage fire on South Gannett Hill Road in South Bristol, which had been called in by a passerby. 

Deputies say upon arrival, they discovered a large one story garage was fully engulfed and had collapsed from the fire. 

According to deputies, the utility pole nearest the garage sustained fire damage and caused a power outage to the owners home. 

Deputies say the garage contained a large collection of collectible motorcycles and the structure and its entire contents were a total loss. 

Deputies say there were no injuries. 

According to deputies, Fire Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and Ontario County Emergency Management Office were on scene investigating the cause and origin and they say the fire is still under investigation.