Elderly couple in Greece cited for not picking up other people’s trash

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“It’s actually better than it was a couple days ago, potato sacks, people who fill wiper fluid they just drop the jugs,” said Jordan Bartlett, trash collecting has become a family pastime.

“How many people have to before they can mow their lawn have to go out and spend a half-hour picking up junk before they can just run the lawn mower,” said Robert Dobson, whose property keeps filling up with other people’s trash. 

Jordan’s grandparents, Ann and Robert Dobson have lived on the eponymous Dobson Rd. named after their family, for 54 years. Now they’re seeing their family name, and their home literally being trashed. 

“I get very frustrated when we come home and see all the trash,” said Ann Dobson. 

“I clean it up and three or four days later and it’s all back, you’d never know I touched anything,” said Robert. 

At 80 and 83 years-old, Ann and Robert would rather not spend their retirement worrying about cleaning up other people’s messes, but that’s the situation they’re in right now.     

“I don’t think it’s fair for the town to blame anything on me because there’s not a speck of that stuff that is our trash,” said Robert. 

But he says, they are being blamed. He and the adjacent property owner have both received citations from the town of Greece, ordering them to pick up the trash. 

“They shouldn’t be doing it by themselves, I’m younger it’s easier for me to go under the bushes but it’s sad you don’t want to see your grandparents doing this,” said Bartlett.

It’s been a problem for several years now, at this point, Robert says he’s essentially given up. 

“Of course then if you complain to the town enough, they’ll tell you it’s your responsibility to clean it up,” said Robert.

Supervisor Bill Reilich said he was working with Wal Mart and Northgate Plaza to come up with a solution, but that yes, despite the trash not belonging to the property owners, they’re the ones responsible for cleaning it. 

This was reiterated by Paul Mousso, who works for the town and oversees code enforcement officers, who said that they’ve also cited the businesses. 

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