East High School students watch their project launch into space

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Students at East High School in Rochester will be eagerly awaiting the results of an experiment they sent into space. 

The project was on board the Space-X CRS 12 rocket that launched from Cape Canaveral Station in Florida Monday afternoon.

Last fall, students around the country created proposals to test the effects of gravity, and East High School was one of 21 schools chosen to take part in “Mission 11” to the International Space Station. 

The project involves a fluid mixing enclosure with bacteria in it. It will remain in orbit for 6 to 8 weeks. 

“It’s like, for me, it’s a good cause because I feel like I’m going to help people in the future,” said Tailor Davis, a senior at East High School. “You know, when you know they have to find a new planet and they need oxygen to survive because plankton produce, like, 80% of the earth’s oxygen.” 
When the container returns, students will conduct a final analysis. They hope to learn how organisms can survive in space without sunlight or gravity. 

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