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Doctors: Electronics can cause decreased socialization & concentration for kids 5 and under

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When it comes to electronics, how much use is too much use? We know screen time for adults can be addicting. What could it do to kids? Specifically children under the age of 5?

According to a new study, doctors say using electronics and TV time need to be limited; especially if you’re 5 or under. So, that means if you’re on Sesame Street, watching the gang, that’s great, but it needs to be for a limited amount of time. 

“They are not getting the socialization, the interaction with other children or with their parents,” explained Dr. Melanie Conolly from Rochester Regional. 

Dr. Conolly says electronic toys can cause decreased socialization, concentration, and over stimulation. Their long term effects…doctors are still researching. 

“avoid electronics all together for children younger than 15 months. One hour per day or less for children between 15 months and age 5.

When in doubt, Dr. Conolly advises to go back to childhood basics, or favorites, to open up kids’ imaginations. 

“Dolls, trucks and things like that – basically nothing with a battery in it,” Dr. Conolly explained.

Dr. Conolly adds: if you’re going on a long car ride or a long plane ride, allowing your child to watch or play on a tablet is fine. Every use; however, is not recommended.

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