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The trial of four people accused of killing Craig Rideout continued Wednesday. After much anticipation, DNA evidence is now beginning to link individuals to items found covered in Craig’s blood. 

Craig was strangled to death in his Penfield apartment last July. His body was found on the side of a road in Yates County a few days later. Police say his face was disfigured by acid. 

Craig’s estranged wife Laura, their two sons Colin and Alex, and Laura’s boyfriend Paul Tucci, are being tried together for his murder.

Wednesday began with a third straight day of testimony from a Monroe County Crime Laboratory forensics specialist who tested work gloves, shoes, and other clothing for blood. She also analyzed items from Mendon Ponds Park that were found in Alex and Colin’s car as well as bloody items found in Craig basement. 

Two pairs of blood soaked jeans were discussed Wednesday. DNA analysts say one pair were worn by Laura, and the other pair were worn by Colin. Both of these jeans were covered, front and back, in Craig’s blood.

There was also blood from Craig found on the Clorox bottle with Laura’s fingerprints on it from the basement of Craig’s home.

Analysts say the likelihood that the DNA belonged to anyone other than them is 1 in 70 quadrillion. 

Defense attorneys spent the morning casting serious doubt about DNA evidence. They claim deputies contaminated items when they were laid out for crime scene photos, that the items were touching each other.

Colin’s lawyer said that two pairs of bloody gloves were even brought into the lab in the same package. Paul Tucci’s lawyer also stresses that 12 people were living in the Tucci home, and that DNA could have easily been transferred without actual contact.  

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