For a second time in just days, a gun shop in the Town of Parma has been burglarized.

Right now, deputies say an investigation is underway into the recent theft. We’re told someone busted into the shop sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. It’s not clear exactly how many weapons were stolen this time, but deputies estimate it was between 35 to 40 guns. Saturday night, an additional ten guns were also taken.

Deputies say this is the seventh time in 11 years that the shop has been a victim of a gun theft. Over that time, more than 82 weapons have been stolen.

In February, investigators said someone stole six guns from Chinappi’s Firearms & Supplies, located on West Ridge Road at Route 259, during the overnight hours.

A $5,000 reward was offered for information leading to an arrest. About a month later, deputies arrested 28-year-old Elston Grimes Junior in the case.

Deputies were only able to recover four guns in that instance.

In a news release, deputies said they have worked multiple times in the past with the owner to prevent thefts. Now, they are looking into further action.

“With the number of burglaries and the number of firearms stolen out of this location,” explains Chief Deputy Michael Fowler, “it’s obviously creating a risk to public safety that we can’t let continue. We have to do something, this situation cannot continue.”

Deputies say they have begun the process to have the owner’s licenses, at the federal and state level reviewed. In the meantime, deputies have seized the remaining guns from the shop.

“We are going to take those [guns] and secure them in our facilities,” says Fowler. “We are going to take safe-keeping of these firearms until that regulatory process can conclude and we can determine what measures should be taken to create a safe situation to continue to operate this business.”

That said, Fowler says the sheriff’s office doesn’t necessarily wants to see the shop’s owner lose his business.

“Our intent is not just to shut down a business owner,” says Fowler. “Our intent is to cooperate with him, to work under the state and federal regulations, to try and create a safe and secure situation for these firearms, so that he can continue to operate this business.”

Deputies say the review into his license could be a lengthy process.