Patty Pierson-Simon says it feels like yesterday when her younger brother died in the line of duty back in 2014.

“Grief has consumed us for the last three years,” said Pierson-Simon. 

32-year-old, Daryl Pierson, was shot and killed on Hudson Avenue near Avenue D. Pierson was pronounced dead at Rochester General Hospital.

“Daryl was an honorable man. He lived his life, he gave his life to the community. He served this country,” said Pierson-Simon.

Officer Pierson was honored at Trinity Communion Church in Irondequoit. The memories of Pierson still weigh heavy on the hearts of those who knew him well.

“He lived his life as a hero. He was a helper, he was a hard worker, he had moral and ethical standards that he lived by,” said Joan Evans. 

Pierson’s Mother-in-Law, Joan Evans, says as the years go by, it gets easier and she along with the rest of the family remember the good times they had with him. 

“I miss his voice and his laughter and I miss him to his son Christian, that breaks my heart in a thousand pieces when I think about him with his boy and his daughter,” said Evans.

Evans thanked members of the Trinity Communion Church for helping to keep his memory alive. His sister, Patty, said the family is starting to get used to a new reality without Daryl, but know his spirit will forever be in the hearts of everyone he touched. 

“It’s just been recently for me, I know that I’ve been able to talk about Daryl and I can say his name and I can smile and I’m not crying all the time,” said Pierson Simon. 

Officer Daryl Pierson left behind a wife and two children. He’s the first Rochester Police Officer to die in the line of duty to a shooting since 1959.