Dallas the dog pulled from Erie Canal

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Early morning Monday, concerned citizens put a phone call into police about a barking dog, fearing it might be a neglected pup in the gusty wind storm. Ogden Police Sergeant Travis Gray followed the barks and came upon Dallas the dog “howling frantically” stuck in the middle of the icy Erie Canal. He followed protocol and phoned fire and rescue. 

“While I was waiting for the fire department, I realized this dog didn’t have much time left. It had been there a long time,” says Gray. 

Gray estimates Dallas cut a path of 100 yards trying to get free. That’s when Sgt. Gray decided to make one attempt to get him out. Sgt. Gray crawled on his belly to Dallas, extended his baton, and Dallas clutched the object with his paw. Gray then pulled him to safety. “It literally extended its paw and I yanked on the paw and pulled him out of the water,” he adds. 

Afterward, they put Dallas in the police car and drove him down to the ambulance base in Spencerport. “And there he was able to be warmed up and by the time we left, he was wagging his tail and happy as can be,” he says. 

Gray feels like anyone else would have done what he did in the same circumstances. 

“Obviously watching the video, going out on the ice may have been a little bit risky, but as I said earlier, I just could not just stand there and watch. And anybody who was there would have made the same choice that I made.” 

Dallas is now back with his owners, safe, dry and warm.  

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