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The growing number of cyber threats is helping an Albany based company put down roots in Rochester.

Joe Yetto, the President and CEO of TAG Solutions, discussed those threats, preventative measures, and why his company has found a home in Rochester Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“We’re a cyber security consulting firm,” explained Yetto. “We’re helping organizations protect their assets by putting effective cyber security programs in place that mitigate risk.”

Many people feel a personal or professional breach is simply a matter of when, not if. “It’s a very common mindset these days and it’s interesting because, it’s dangerous to say you will absolutely suffer from a cyber security incident,” noted Yetto. “It’s not an absolute statement, but there’s some contributing factors that are leading us to this mindset that it’s a matter of when, not if, and some of those include the fact that the attacks are becoming more common. Right? The frequency is increasing every day, every month, every year, and in addition to that, they are more sophisticated and the attacks are more persistent.”

Whether on an individual basis or as part of a business entity, Yetto said there are proactive steps to ward off cyber threats, and that’s where his company can help. “Preventative controls like perimeter defenses, like firewalls, and anti-virus clients, those are good to have, but we have to recognize that they can be compromised and there’s a long history of them being compromised. I encourage people to think about, what are you going to do to detect when somebody has breached your firewall? How are you going to know that somebody who is unauthorized is poking around your computer, your network environment, and then more importantly are you prepared to respond? Do you have a documented incident and response strategy? Do you have people who are trained and prepared with the right tools to go and remove the viruses after a virus outbreak? And then, lastly, what is your recovery strategy? Do you have a documented disaster recovery plan or a business continuity plan? Do you have good backups? Have you tested this process? So, those are practical concepts that you can apply to build an effective cyber security program.”

As demand for cyber assistance grows, TAG Solutions anticipates adding more employees to its Rochester office. “We’ve been servicing the area for really the last decade,” Yetto said. “We’ve had a few clients. And about three years ago we decided that we wanted to get closer to those clients and open up an operational office here, so we have three full time employees and we’ll be looking to grow that. What’s been an interesting and beneficial part of operating in this community is the talent pool, specifically from a technical standpoint, a lot of young talented professionals are entering the workforce locally because of some of the great educational facilities that you have in Rochester.”

To see the entire interview with Yetto, including what type of employees and experience TAG Solutions is seeking, click the link below.

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