“This was devastating, this was something I can’t quite put into words, it’s beyond terrible, something that’s difficult to live with every day,” said Ed O’Brien. 

Ed O’brien’s son, Kade, survived two tours in Fallujah, only to be killed a few miles from home.

He had just recently become a father, he was a decorated war veteran,” said O’Brien.

 Kade was just 25 years old when a driver struck and killed him on his motorcycle.

“It’s very difficult, it’s something that’s hard to live with every second of every day, for everyone, it’s extremely difficult,” said O’Brien. 

“I didn’t want to see this happen to other families, I felt there needed to be a change, so since 2011 I have been working to create that change,” said O’Brien. 

Ed has been working with Rich Funke to pass Creto-Kade’s law, which would increase fines for hurting or killing motorcyclists after failing to yield the right of way.

“We just felt when we looked at this law that a 35 dollar fine wasn’t sufficient,” said Funke. 

They say the current penalties are nowhere near strong enough.

“I’m talking about someone being killed and we don’t have anything that addresses that other than a traffic ticket,” said O’Brien.