ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — A service-driven company in Rochester is helping distribute COVID-19 vaccines all over the world.

Aerosafe Global specializes in cold packaging. It has worked mostly with pharmaceuticals for the last 20 years. Containers come in all different sizes, and shipments must be kept at certain temperatures.

“Our products today are full service,” said CEO Jay McHarg. “Any temperature, any duration, any product, anywhere.”

Aerosafe is a client-based company that helps customers ship and handle any material that needs to remain a certain temperature. That includes the freezing cold for the Pfizer vaccine or the refrigeration of the Moderna Vaccine.

Aerosafe has nothing to do with the production of the vaccine, only where and how it gets distributed.

“Think of the secondary market where the vaccines are delivered from that primary shipment, from the hospitals, to the pharmacies, and then the last mile, of helping them get it from the the pharmacy all the way to the patients,” said McHarg.

The company is also able to reuse more than 90 percent of the insulation, taking it back from the customer once it’s no longer needed. McHarg says this work has been a team effort.

“Everybody’s working their tail off … It’s really humbling to be a part of it and pretty exciting as well.”