A man serving time after a 2016 arrest for reportedly recording a woman using a tanning bed, is facing new charges in a federal criminal complaint.

Justin Potts is now accused of illegally accessing computers and phones of friends and acquaintances to obtain nude photos.

During the investigation into that case, police say they found Potts had more than 1,000 photos taken from Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud and other accounts belonging to about 65 women.

Using a password breaker, investigators say Potts accessed iCloud accounts to the victims. He then opened Notes files that contained password information to multiple accounts.

GreyCastle Security in Rochester explained how the password breaker works.

“With that forensics tool he was using, he can pull the information and then he can have access to the conversations that are happening, so if someone was to send pictures in a message trail, he can go back and retrieve that information with the forensics tool he purchased,” Solutions Specialist Sean Phillips said.

Police say Potts would sometimes gain access to accounts and continue to log-in to them over and over again.

Phillips said there is a way to avoid becoming a victim, though.

“Update your passwords once every 90 days. [Also], if you are taking pictures or sending stuff you wouldn’t want people to see, maybe do it through What’s App or some other source that is encrypted and secure point to point.”

Potts is currently serving a prison term at Marcy Correctional Facility for the 2016 case.