A local couple is dedicating their time to helping sick animals.

Sue Rogers and her husband Gary have taken in hundreds of animals over the years. Those with birth defects, who wouldn’t otherwise find a home.

They include Giuseppe, a seven-month-old Yorkie Terrier. Just days ago, he went under a life-saving surgery.

“When Giuseppe came to us, he was completely paralyzed front and back legs,” says Sue.

Sue and Gary saved Giuseppe. Sue drove five hours to pick him up after being told he suffered from a spinal deformity and flew him 1,000 miles to Florida in an attempt to save his life. He arrived home Friday. “One day it’s laying on its back and watching the other puppies not being able to walk and the next day after surgery this is what you get. It’s kind of a miracle,” Gary says.

And little Giuseppe is not the only animal they’ve helped over six years. They’ve helped give 500 animals a second chance.

It’s their mission to rescue animals born with disorders. It’s called the Mia Foundation which started after their own dog Mia passed away from a birth defect. Helping animals with cleft palates, spinal deformities, missing limbs, and heart conditions.

People now come from all over the world to seek their help. “It can be very difficult, we can’t save them all but we at least give them the opportunity.”

Many of these dogs will go through surgery, which can cost anywhere between two to five thousand dollars. These costs are paid for with donations. To help out, you can click here.