ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Following a Thursday morning letter from the head of the City Council, City Councilman Jose Peo was removed from his role as a committee chair over lewd comments about City Council Vice President Mary Lupien.

The President of Rochester City Council Miguel Melendez issued the following statement Thursday:

“The content and the disrespect shown to our colleague was abhorrent and 100% unacceptable. Women in America are under attack and as a son, brother, husband, and father I believe we all have a role to play to change that. And as elected members of our city’s government, I believe we have a solemn duty to change that negativity by fostering dignity and respect for our colleagues and fellow citizens.”

Thursday afternoon, Councilman Peo issued the following press release in response to Melendez:

“Councilman Jose Peo stands on his record as Chair for Parks and Public Works, which has led to a perfect 100% “Yay” vote on every legislation he’s presented […] All that while working professionally with other City Councilmembers who have either attacked him on social media, or whose followers say/post/comment disgusting, bigoted, incendiary and lewd things about him and his family, yet never once has he asked any of them to censor their friends, or to speak up for him.

This would be the first time ever that an elected official is censured for NOT doing something, while allowing similar actions to continue against them.”

On Wednesday, Councilman Peo issued an apology for the comments he allowed co-host Lavelle Lewis on his podcast, Politically Correcting Peo.

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