ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester police are still searching for suspects in Tuesday night’s fatal shooting on Illinois Street. Officials confirm the shooting happened while occupants were filming a music video to honor a murder victim.

Police said they rented it through Airbnb for the night.

It turns out, neighbors had concerns about the property before the tragedy occurred, and now have questions about the future of the property, and the rules going forward.

Linda Kingsley with the Corporation Counsel said they’ve been talking to the property owner, and there will be no more booking in the near future. She said they’ll have to follow strict rules if they want to stay open.

Kingsley said they’re also in communication with Airbnb, about steps moving forward.

The property racked up 10 points in the city’s nuisance system after Tuesday night; just two points away from being shut down for a year.

Kingsley said they treat Airbnbs like any other business.

“If you have a bar, you can’t point to an act of violence and say, ‘Oh but, I didn’t cause it,'” she said.

She said they have a responsibility to keep people safe, and take necessary steps to control chaos.

“And if you can’t control it, it’s your responsibility to not be open,” said Kingsley.

After the shooting, neighbors spoke to News 8 about their concern.

“The house is the nuisance, it’s not the neighborhood,” said Garrett Shearer, one neighbor on the block. “Like everything was fine until the pandemic started, then they started renting out parties to different groups of people every week.”

Police said somewhere between 20-30 people showed up the night of the shooting.

Kingsley is offering the following advice to property owners:

“You should have cameras outside, and you should monitor them in real time. This property owner had cameras, but was not monitoring them,” said Kingsley.

She said it also matters how you greet your guests.

“How do you greet your guests? And for a lot of them, the answer is, ‘Well, I give them a passcode,'” said Kingsley. “Well that doesn’t allow you to see if the guest is really a couple you think you rented to, and instead, it’s 10 21-year-olds.”

Kinglsey said there has been damage to this property, due to the incident itself, and the criminal investigation that’s followed. She said at this time, they’re looking at how they’re going to proceed with the property.

Airbnb provided the following statement to News 8:

“We condemn this tragic gun violence and share the Rochester community’s shock. Our hearts go out to all those affected, including loved ones and injured victims. We ban parties and “party houses,” and our specialized Safety team has taken initial action to remove the booking guest from the platform and deactivate the listing. We are working with the Rochester Police Department to support their investigation to bring those responsible to justice.”