WAYNE COUNTY, N.Y (WROC) — The Gananda Central School District was rocked earlier this week with a crash involving a student on his motorcycle. To support the family’s medical bills, a GoFundMe has been set up and exploded from generosity no one saw coming.  

It was on Wednesday when 17-year-old Austin Sierra was riding his motorcycle in Wayne County when he and a pickup truck collided at an intersection. This crash shook the Gananda community, but in the wake of the disaster, friends are rallying around a family in need.

“It’s time for us as a community to check in on Austin,” Neighbor Jessica Brown said.  

From the days of riding his bike around the neighborhood to upgrading to drive a motorcycle, Ruben Cirillo High senior Austin Sierra is known for always going around to check-in and help people. Jessica Brown, a neighbor, recalls one Christmas when he took down her tree, then gave back money she paid him.  

“My daughter comes out and said mom I need $20 for this school activity tomorrow and I said I don’t have that on me right this minute,” Brown explained. “Austin took the $20 I had just given him and gave it to my daughter and said here take this. He would never let me pay him back.”  

These types of good deeds were shown to many others around the Community which fueled the burst of generosity sent Austin’s way after a close friend started a GoFundMe Page to cover medical bills. Raising over $13,000 in the first 12 hours.  

“It definitely shows Austin is a really well-known person in this community and is loved by many,” Caitlyn Harrington, who started the page explained. “He’s always so supportive to everybody and I know everybody wants to give back to him at this time.”  

“It honestly feels amazing I love how everyone felt the same way about Austin because he loved everyone,” his close friend Gage Abert told us. “And go up to anyone even if they were having a good day or bad day. He always talked to them and actually improved it.” 

In the days to follow the entire Ruben Cirillo High School Student Body wore blue to support Austin’s recovery. As of Friday evening, his friends found out over a call he made progress and is awake in the hospital recovering.  

“I heard his voice and had a conversation with him and he remembered me which means there’s nothing wrong and he’s going to be ok,” Abert said. “I honestly cried happiness with a smile and started texting her and everybody else I knew he’s ok and it’s going great.”  

“I called his mom and she answered and said Austin wants to talk to you,” Harrington said. “She handed the phone and it was the same old Austin. Bubbly, happy, and positive saying I’m so ready for this long journey.”  

Injuries Austin suffered included multiple fractures throughout his back, amputation of his left leg below the knee, and other injuries to his lungs and ribs. Donations for his GoFundMe Page are still being accepted and if you want to help you can find the link at RochesterFirst.com.  

Those who responded to the accident include the Wayne County Crash Team. The cause of the collision has yet to be determined and the investigation is ongoing.