ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Few things divide our city more than debating which hots establishment has the best plate.

That contention was on full display Monday after comedian Jim Gaffigan tweeted:

The comedian will be in town Saturday for a performance at the Blue Cross Arena and asked where he should dine.

While some recommended he go for the original thing and try a plate from Nick Tahou’s, others suggested Dogtown, or a town’s local hots stop. Tahou’s was, admittedly, a little biased in their offering:

Others expressed that being the original doesn’t make you the best.

Jimmy Z even responded that Gaffigan frequent his own establishment in Brockport.

Some folks were less concerned about where the plate was purchased, and more interested in how it should be arranged.

One gentleman tried to shoot down the idea of Rochester’s food staple, saying Buffalo’s food is better.

Some of the comedian’s followers who aren’t familiar with the plate finally found out what the magic is all about.

And a local journalist tried to turn the tweet into an interview opportunity.

Instead of choosing one place, why not go for them all?

When someone from out of town asks you where they should get a garbage plate, where do you tell them to go?

The debate wages on, and likely will forever, but we’ll be watching closely to see what Gaffigan decides on this weekend: