BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — A clinic was held at Brighton High School Monday to open the door for those looking to get involved with high school basketball.

Board 60 is beginning its 101st season of officiating Section V boys basketball this year with the launch of its 2022-23 Paul Conley JV, and Sub-Varsity Clinic for new officials, where those interested are able to learn about what it means to be a game official.

Organizers say the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with a growing concern of fan behavior at games, means fewer men and women are getting involved on the court. One referee says it’s a rewarding experience just to be in the game.

“It’s something that’s special,” said Division I NCAA Referee Jeffrey Anderson. “Officials are different. They’re different people, just like coaches are different people, and if you tell me you want to do this, then you’re telling me you’re definitely a different person, and I am looking forward to anyone that’s willing to come forward and be a Board 60 official.”

For those looking to start the process to become an official, you can find information on the board’s website.