If your vehicle is parked on the wrong side of the street Monday night, you may get towed.

In a message Monday morning, the City of Rochester says it will begin towing illegally parked cars beginning at 7 p.m. Monday evening (when alternate side parking rules take effect).

The strict enforcement of the rules is so plows can finish clearing side streets in Rochester.

Norman Jones, the Commissiner of Environmental Services, says, “The difficulty that we have on our residential streets is alternate side parking, you should move your car, and for Saturday night and Sunday, you can leave that car on one side of the street for two days, tonight (Monday) will be the first night in which you have to move, so we are encouraging everybody to adhere to the alternate side parking requirements, so we can get that one side of the street that hasn’t been touched yet.”

Towed vehicles will be moved to the auto pound at 330 Colfax Street in Rochester. Drivers will have to pay a $130 fee and a storage fee of $25 per day. You can call 311 for more information if your car is towed.