Many downtown commuters could have to pay $12 more a year to park in city-owned garages.
The proposed 2016-17 city budget raises rates at seven garages by $1 a month. Rates at Mortimer St. would go from $54 to $64 a month, as the city wants to bring that garage’s prices more in line with its other garages. There would be no more discounted rooftop parking at Court St. Garage. Altogether, the price increases are expected to bring in nearly $90,000.
Hourly parking at garages and street meters would remain unchanged.
Even with the rate hikes, the city would still need to use nearly $300,000 in property tax revenue to make up losses in running the parking operation. Garages are notoriously difficult to maintain. In addition, the city lost nearly $50,000 in revenue from fewer people paying meters to park.
The city expects to sell the Midtown Garage by the end of the calendar year.
City Council has to approve the proposed parking rate changes.