City moves forward with plans for $30+ million RPD sub station

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Critics of the city’s plan to move forward with a new RPD sub station feel that more than $30 million is a lot of money, and money that could be better spent elsewhere. 

“If we’re going to push for something we should push for our schools to be funded, for our children to have better lunches and books, and if we decide to put our attention on something it should be education,” said Ashley Gantt who opposes the plan. 

“We really need to assess how much money we are spending on policing and look into another direction in which we can be investing our money,” said Chris Barilla, who’s part of Enough is Enough, a group that combats issues of police brutality. 

Dozens of residents came to tonight’s city council meeting to express their opposition to the plans for the new Goodman section offices which will require the acquistion of several properties, a measure city council approved. 

“It’s always unfortunate when a price tag is high, but we try to keep costs as low as possible,” said Deputy Mayor, Jim Smith. 

Smith says they’re just now getting to the bricks and mortar part of the plan, but that this has been in motion for years, and that it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars, adding, “a true neighborhood policing model requires them to be located in the neighborhoods and this has been vetted and discussed at length.”

Smith says while they have the option of acquiring these properties through eminent domain, that is a last resort and they would like to acquire the properties paying fair market value 

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