Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio has again found herself in hot water, this time for an incident that occurred on November 20.

According to court paperwork, Astacio is accused of violating the conditions of a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated.

A security guard at Papaya Asian Kitchen & Bar in Marketplace Mall stated that Astacio refused to leave an employee bathroom when instructed to.

The guard stated that he did not see Astacio consume alcohol, but that based on his observation, she was intoxicated – which would be a violation of her conditional discharge.

Astacio was convicted of DWI last August and ordered to abstain from consuming any alcohol, as well as use an interlock device.

In a separate incident in November, she was found to have violated these orders after her interlock device registered alcohol on two separate occasions.

Court paperwork also states that there is “reasonable cause” that Astacio violated her sentence again in a third incident on November 24, due to pictures that appear to show her consuming alcohol at a private party on State Street.

Astacio has been stripped of her title, but not her $173,000 salary. As an elected official, only the Judicial Conduct Committee can remove her from the bench.