ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Staff at City Blue Imaging in Rochester is rebounding after a devastating fire destroyed their home building on Christmas Eve.

The company announced on Facebook that it will set up a temporary office on Scio Street, right next door to their original building — at Quakers, the Religious Society of Friends.

The president of City Blue imaging said they got a call from the alarm company and they thought it was maybe a miscellaneous burglar alarm. But upon arrival, the owner saw his business beginning to catch fire.

According to President Mark Cleary, they spent four hours watching their building collapse. At their temporary location, there are computers and printers set up on tables for the 10 current employees.

“I just can’t fathom the outpouring love, the texts, the people coming forward saying, ‘I can do whatever you need me to do.’ Our competitors, our neighbors, our family and friends,” Cleary said. “It just makes me feel very blessed, very happy to be a Rochesterian. Because I don’t know if this would happen in any city, but this city is the best.”

However in addition to the support he’s received, the business has also received emails and social media posts claiming they’re affiliated with ballot making. Some posts even went lengths to try to connect this fire to the explosions in Nashville and allegedly hiding ballots.

“We are just trying to stay positive and stay focused,” Cleary said. “We got a lot of other things to work on. Initially I was trying to go back out and denounce these things. But I got bigger fish to fry. We’re just trying to let all of our customers and friends know we’re kind of up and running and we’re hear for them.”

Cleary said they plan on using the temporary space until next June. The business is continuing to look for other places of permanent residence in Rochester.