Certain adults may need booster vaccines to prevent measles infection

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A potential case of measles reported at the Rochester Regional Health center in Irondequoit is a reminder of the importance of vaccines and that some adults may need booster shots.

Many people may not know who should be vaccinated or when. News 8 spoke with several Rochester residents about the issue.

“As far as the information that goes on and how many checks you should have and how recently you should have them, I do not have that information,” said Scott Briggs.

Sarah Rideout had similar feelings saying, “I really do not know the recommendations for measles for adults.”

“If I am not mistaken certain age ranges are recommended to get a vaccination again,” said Tracy West.

Most adults are not aware they need an extra shot of the measles vaccine but with the recent outbreak of the disease across New York State, health care professionals say there are some adults who need a booster of the vaccine

It’s recommended that adults born between 1963 and 1967, individuals considered high risk such as students, healthcare professionals, international travelers, and adults who don’t have evidence of immunity get booster vaccinations.

For those adults who have no evidence of immunity and are not sure if they need an extra shot, their primary care physician can help.

Dr. Michael Mendoza is the Commissioner of Public Health in Monroe County.

“Right now there is testing. Those tests are called titers. We can order those in a health care setting to see if you have immunity,” said Mendoza. “Underscore the importance of vaccinations. I understand the concern, we are seeing a lot of it downstate but this concern can be alleviated by making sure you are up to date on your immunizations.”

According to the Monroe County Public Health Department, adults born before 1957 are likely to have been infected naturally are presumed to be protected against the virus. 

The measle virus is contagious and is spread when an infected person breathes, cough or sneezes. The virus can remain in the air for two hours after an infected person leaves an area. There have been seven reported cases of measles in Monroe County in 2019.

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