Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns parents about vaping

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ROCHESTER, NY – (WROC) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a warning for parents tonight. School-age children should not be using e-cigarettes.

Originally designed to help people quit smoking the use of e-cigarettes is quickly becoming an epidemic at schools. Many of the devices look like flash drives and other common items. Sherri Washington a nurse says teens are attracted to vaping because it is easy to hide.

“I wouldn’t recognize it unless they start having a cough or short of breathe,” said Washington. “Then I would recognize it.”

Since e-cigarettes were introduced in 2007 experts weren’t sure of it’s effects.

“Now that we are getting preliminary reports that some patients who have extensively vaped are getting lung disease does not surprise me,” said Dr. Fatma Akmese, a lead physician at Rochester Regional Health.

Although it is hard to tell if your child is vaping there are some signs you can look for.

“Maybe you would notice that they spent money at a smoke shop,” said Akmese. “You might smell some of type of aroma and flavors that are associated with the vape.”

But if you aren’t sure your child is vaping and you want to protect their health it may come down to simply talking.

“The most important thing to have an honest open communication with your child and to also not make the consequences of honesty the same as the crime,” said Akmese.

The CDC reports more than 200 illnesses and one death are being investigated for links to e-cigarettes.

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