ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester’s annual Bike Week is continuing this weekend with community supported events and rides to celebrate biking and to highlight the progress being made to create a more bike-able city. I spoke to the cycling manager in charge of Bike Week for more on what it’s all about.

As Cycling Manager for Reconnect Rochester Jesse Peers puts it, Bike Week in Rochester is an annual celebration of biking in the area, highlighting the progress made by the city in advancing infrastructure, accessibility and getting more people comfortable with the idea of biking in the community.  

Cycling Manager for Reconnect Rochester Jesse Peers says, “Rochester gets better to bike in every single year. It was in 2011 or 2012 that the city created its first bike master plan which was a road map for investment in biking infrastructure, and over the last decade there’s been a lot of progress that’s been made so we just want to continue making progress.” 

A big part of that progress includes 20 miles of “Bike Boulevards” that the city unveiled on residential side streets last year, which allow for an easier and more comfortable biking experience using traffic calming techniques, especially to those who wish to bike to local hot spots such as the Rochester Public Market. With more access to biking as a form of transportation, comes more opportunities for those who wish to practice healthier lifestyles, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

If just one day a week we ditched taking the car, and hopped on a bike for our daily travels, there would be a significant reduction in fossil fuel emissions.  

“The great thing about this is the city this year, and the county are both creating their first ever active transportation plans, as again, as a guide for future investment. So, if you want to see a more bikeable city, and you want to see a more bikeable Monroe county, this is the year to step up, to go to the websites to attend those public meetings and let them know what you want to see,” Jesse says.

Jesse says with such a welcoming bike community, there’s nothing like being alongside people that want to ride more and giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to enjoy getting out and riding a bike.

Bike Week continues until this Sunday with events featured by dedicated community members every day. For a schedule of these events, you can go to or click HERE.

For questions on bike routes and infrastructure you can email