CDC issues guidelines on treating concussions in children

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The CDC has released 19 specific recommendations to treat mild traumatic brain injuries in children.
Among those recommendations: Pediatric patients do not necessarily need scans to diagnose a mild TBI.
Dr.Cecilia Lim Ransom with Rochester General Hospital said she agrees.
“People don’t need a cat scan for every concussion and that’s clear in these guidelines. It says you don’t want to expose someone unless they have serious symptoms because you’re unnecessarily exposing them to radiation.”
Dr. Lim Ransom spoke to what those specific symptoms are.
“We’re looking for severe headache with severe vomiting, [as well as] changes in behavior and mental status; anything more than a common concussion,” she said.
Another recommendation from the CDC:
Caregivers and schools should have kids gradually return to non-sports activities after no more than 2 to 3 days of rest.
At Victor Schools right now, if a student is diagnosed with a concussion, they are not allowed back on the field until they show no symptoms for 24 hours and get checked out by a doctor.
They say they’ll consider the CDC’s newest recommendations, but aren’t making any changes yet.
“We’re going to stick with the same process we’ve been using,” Athletic Director Duane Weimer said.
The Pittsford Central School district told News 8 they will wait on the state education department’s recommendation before implementing any changes.
For a full list of the CDC’s recommendations, click here.

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