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CBD oil gains popularity in Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Once medical marijuana became legal in New York State, interest in cannabidoil, also known as CBD,  took off.

More people are beginning to drop it into their nighttime tea, swallow capsules, and load it into vape pens. But how safe is this oil and what do doctors think about it?

Dr. Hemant Kalia, a pain & cancer rehabilitation specialist at Rochester Regional Health, said it's a compound extracted from marijuana plants that won’t get you high.

“The so-called addictive properties of marijuana comes from the THC, so it's our theory that the CBD oil will not be as addictive and still have more anti inflammatory properties and medicinal properties where it can be used in much more diverse patient populations,” Dr. Kalia said.

Noah Scheuerman, manager of the Smoke Shop on Dewey Avenue, said people are coming in for all kinds of reasons.

"The biggest reasons people come in is for pain and then there's a lot of people for anxiety," said Scheuerman, "We even have cancer patients that are regulars."

Recent studies have shown CBD oil has a significant benefit of increased anti inflammatory properties in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, cancer pain and multiple sclerosis. It comes in a gel capsule or as an oil that can be vaporized or rubbed into the skin. However, doctors are hesitant to promote it since they have yet to conclude how CBD interacts with other medications.

Dr. Kalia said more research must be done before adopting this natural drug as a prescribed treatment.

Doctors are urging people who are thinking about trying the CBD oil to first let your physicians know so that they can keep an eye on your response to it, and to see if allergic reactions or other side effects occur.

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