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A Boston based IT company is making a new home in Rochester and promising at least 45 jobs over the next three years.

Catalant Technologies co-founder Pat Petitti discussed the company’s move to Rochester, the type of positions it will seek to fill, and its value to some of the world’s top businesses during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation Thursday on News 8 at Sunrise.

“We help companies get work done better and faster,” said Petitti. “We started actually with a marketplace. So companies could come and we would use technology to connect their projects to the right people to help them get their work done. What we realized over time was that companies certainly need to be able to plug into that external on demand expertise in the right ways, but more importantly is being able to think more holistically about their workforce. So it isn’t just about finding external talent. It’s about finding the right consulting firm when you need it. It’s about finding the right employee when you need them, and so we have a software solution that helps the largest companies in the world organize their most important projects and connect them into the right people wherever those people are.”

Catalant is actively looking to hire its local workforce. “Right now we’re primarily looking for software developers,” Petitti said. “So we actually believe a big part of our software development team can be in Rochester. We are looking for people who have anywhere from a couple to 10 years of experience, and it’s certainly important that they have experience as a software developer, but what I think is more important than that, is that they’re a fit with the culture of how we build software and how we work as an organization.”

Petitti said he’s not surprised many companies are looking here for software development talent. “The way that we went about the search was we first said, well what are the different cities we might consider? Then we said, let’s run a test. Let’s go see what happens if we try to recruit people. And we were blown about by the quality of people that we were able to meet with very quickly. And so first and foremost, that was a key part of it. Clearly there’s a ton of talent here, and we believe we can build an amazing team quickly. But the other key part, I think, is the culture of the city. I think Rochester has a culture that is humble. I think people here want to do good work. I think they’re good people. They’re people who you want to be elbow to elbow with every day. And what’s important than having people on your team that you want to work with, that you’re excited to come and sit with and be with and work toward a mission with? And so that was the biggest thing for us. I actually think the culture of Rochester fits really well with the culture of our company.”

Catalant will officially open at the Sibley Building in February, but Petitti said the company has already added two people to the team locally. “We want to hire people as fast as we can so if anybody out there is looking for developer opportunities, come to We’d love to here from you.”

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