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CAP readies for National Adoption Month

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - Children Awaiting Parents Associate Director Pat Burks discussed the upcoming Heart Gallery Luncheon and National Adoption Month Friday on News 8 at Sunrise.

"National Adoption Month is a celebration of families that have adopted children, and also for those children who have been waiting to be adopted," said Burks.  "It's a celebration that's done throughout the United States and it's really, really something special for both the kids and the families."

Burks said meeting the Rochester area's adoptive needs is a collaborative process.  "Monroe County actually does an outstanding job with supporting their foster families and there are several other agencies," she noted.  "We collaborate all of our efforts to find adoptive homes and forever families for children who will not fit into the foster care needs, so with our energies we have placed them into local organizations that support children.  We have special events that we gear towards children who are in foster care and we spend a lot of time making children visible who have been in the foster care system for a long period of time."

CAP's annual Heart Gallery Luncheon, set for Friday, November 4, is a celebration that also serves to raise awareness about the need for adoption in our community.  "This year is very special because we are getting ready to celebrate 45 years of existence, so everything we do now, we're documenting and looking at it and saying, wow, can you believe, we finally made it," Burks said.  "CAP started off as a grassroots organization that just mushroomed from sitting around the dining room table and seeing the need for so many children to have forever families, and children who wanted those families, so with our activities everything has been focused to support that.  We support the children by having support groups where they get the opportunity express some things of their needs.  We work with different organizations that already have established relationships with children, and keep in mind that we're not an adoption agency yet, but with all of the need that's there we fit so many niches for families or organizations that are unable to meet all of the needs."

For more information, visit the Children Awaiting Parents website, click here.


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