WEBSTER, NY (WROC) — With the Canalside Mobile Home Park in Lyons still in the dark, the owner of the property is finally speaking out.

“There’s no way that any human being would wish this upon anybody,” said Phil Provenzano of EPCP Properties.

Provenzano says he’s been working non-stop over the past four weeks trying to restore power. There have been roadblocks, namely parts on order and torrential downpours. 

“The amount of time I’ve spent on this — far surpasses anything I’ve ever done,” he said.

Provenzano adds the problems with the park go back to 1979, and he has the paperwork to prove it. He feels this situation should have been remedied long ago. 

“It falls on me and that’s fine, but why are they urgent today, and not 40 years ago?” Provenzano said.

Town of Lyons officials say they conducted inspections before deciding to shut the power off. They cited naked, dangling power lines, old equipment and routine power surges. Provenzano says that town inspection deciding to turn the power off by a representative and fire chief likely didn’t happen. 

“Those two people were never on site the day that park closed,” he says.

Like the residents, he was notified by text message two hours before the power was shut off to the park. And the texts sent to residents threatening eviction and to just deal with the power outage? Provenzano says he never sent them.

“Not only did I not send it, I didn’t even know it existed until you told me about it,” he said. “I can assure you, the second you walk out that door, that will be taken care of.”

Provenzano says he reached out for government funding in 2017 to fix the electrical problems, but nothing ever materialized. He’s hoping something now can be done with all the attention drawn to this issue. 

Provenzano adds he’s spent a large sum of money making the repairs and he’s close to running out of funds, but work is almost completed.

“I care about these people. If they don’t believe that, come here. That door is always open.”