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Cadillac Hotel closing next month for renovations

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The Cadillac Hotel is set to close next month for repairs and renovations, according to a letter to tenants.

“After 95 years of service to the Greater Rochester Region and visitors to the area, The Cadillac Hotel will be closing for repairs and overdue renovation later this spring,” the letter from management reads.

The hotel in downtown Rochester was once one of the nicest hotels in the city, but in recent years has fallen to poor conditions, reports of crime and bed bugs. Managers say it will close doors on May 25.

Daniel Armbruster, a concerned citizen said, “my friends and I have joked for a number of months that it was only a matter of time until it was turned into a upscale high-end boutique hotel.”

For some who live and work in the area, the Cadillac hotel is an eyesore and a hotbed of police activity. 

Eric Nagle, who owns a building adjacent to the Cadillac says he was relieved, adding, “there’s a lot of people who just don’t want to deal with people talking to them and asking them for things or the stigma of violence or drug use.”

He says the Cadillac hotel is a main reason why businesses have not wanted to move into his building in the past. He’s happy to see the hotel go, but many are concerned about what will happen to these mostly low-income individuals if they’re displaced. 

“If we move people out where did they go to sometimes they end up in tent villages or highways instead of having some place to live indoors with facilities to cook etc.,” said Reilly Hirst, a concerned citizen. 
DHD ventures, which recently purchased the Cadillac and owns the Columbus building—upscale lofts directly across from the hotel, told its residents this: 

“We did a thing! We bought the Cadillac hotel, I know, risky, right? Right, but we have a vision and the Cadillac is now part of it. With this purchase, we’re working to make our neighborhood not only more beautiful and modern, but also much safer. We hope you agree and support our decision to transform the Cadillac into the upscale hotel of yesteryear.” 

“What you’re really saying is the people and not the poverty is the problem so displace the poor people and suddenly were fixed? There will always be poor people. How do we support them realistically in a culture and society that’s supposed to be first-world?” said Hirst.  

Managers say they are working with several organizations to help tenants find new housing.

In a statement, Monroe County officials said: “The County has not made any emergency housing placements at the Cadillac since 2016 (therefore none of the residents there currently are emergency housing clients of the County). However, we encourage anyone in need of immediate safe housing to contact our Department of Human Services as soon as possible. Placements can be made in person at MCDHS’s offices at 691 St. Paul Street during business hours, or by calling the Coordinated Access 211 Hotline during non-business hours.”

Statement from Cadillac Ventures Holdings, LLC

“The Cadillac Hotel has informed our guests that the property will be closing for repairs and renovation later this spring. The final date that the Cadillac Hotel will be available for overnight stays is May 24, 2018, and we will officially close our doors for construction on May 25.

We understand that hotel guests who use this location regularly will need assistance. We are working with several community organizations that are willing to help these guests with the transition. These organizations will be holding meetings in the very near future, and dates and times for these meetings will be made available soon.

Through the years, the Cadillac Hotel has seen many visitors walk through its doors. We believe that through these long overdue renovations, the hotel will be brought back to its original luster.”

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