On the sixth floor of the Sibley Building in downtown Rochester, is a place where entrepreneurs and those with ideas can come and start a company. 

Jim Senall, President of NextCorps says, “Already, we’re supporting more than 60 different startups, that range from people doing software apps to medical type devices.”

And one of those up and coming businesses on the medical front is K-Neesio. Michael Emmerling was able to get revolutionary his “Nu-Nee” up and running thanks to the business incubator. An avid runner, Emmerling made the device to help with his chronic knee pain and in the process, is now marketing a product.

Emmerling says, “So it uses pressure relief rather than compression, and that pressure relief provides immediate relief.”

For Army veteran Joe Geiger, who spent years pounding pavement leading troops, Nu-Nee is the only fix for his patellofemoral pain syndrome. “I ran five kilometers yesterday morning and doing great. No issues,” he adds. 

Emmerling feels in a way, he’s helping to serve those who have served and those who share his passion. “We’re giving him the ability to go out and do things that he just wants to be able to enjoy doing again.”

Nu-Nee is just one example of the innovative tech ideas coming out of NextCorps at the Sibley building. Senall says the location is ideal. “Rochester is a great place to do business. We’ve got all the assets and resources here from technology to talent to increasing amounts of capital.”

Senall says if you’re someone looking to start a company, NextCorps is the kind of place you should be thinking about. They offer mentoring, networking, space, and resources to get your tech business moving. If you’re brimming with ideas and want to apply with NextCorps to get your business started, you can follow this link.