ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Many industries across the country are experiencing staffing shortages. The Arc of Monroe, like many in Rochester, is facing a shortage of drivers.

Kathleen Sullivan, Vehicle Operator and Trainer, said the job is rewarding but requires a lot from employees.

“We have a lot of responsibility on our vehicles, whether there are medical emergencies, behavioral emergencies, motor vehicle emergencies,” Sullivan said.

The Arc supports individuals’ well being — especially after pandemic isolation.

“Socialization is what everybody needs. Our passengers were excited to be able to come back to program,” Sullivan said.

Having a shortage of drivers creates a hinderance for transporting people the Arc of Monroe supports.

“We desperately need drivers,” Sullivan said. “Just like every other transportation agency or organization needs, we do too. Because it’s the only way we’re going to get our passengers too and from program.”

She says she takes her position very seriously and thinks of her passengers as her family. Each day, she looks forward to the warm welcome they give her.

“If I come to work and I’m not feeling the best, that’s all it takes is just picking up my passengers and getting that kind of greeting,” Sullivan said.

She also knows for the people the Arc of Monroe supports, attending programs regularly is powerful.

“That’s the biggest part of their life,” Sullivan said. “Their programs, their staff, and the socialization.”

Applications for the Arc of Monroe transportation positions are available at