ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Following the mass shooting at a Buffalo Tops last weekend, questions remain regarding the investigation. How long will it take, and were there others involved?

Bernie Tolbert, retired FBI special agent in Buffalo says he can think of one story from his career, that also got national attention similar to the events on Jefferson Avenue.

Back in 1998, an abortion doctor in Buffalo was murdered in his own home by someone opposed to the practice. In Rochester, an abortion doctor was shot just a year prior.

“And that investigation is a lot like this, it got national attention,” said Tolbert. “The family and community impact was somewhat similar, not to the same extent.”

In the case of the Buffalo massacre, many are asking the question — was the shooter trying to target Rochester as well?

In over 600 pages of a diary posted online, Rochester is mentioned several times.

“First thing you want to know is, if he considered it, why did he consider it, did he have any help, was there anyone involved, who might later perpetrate a crime in Rochester,” said Tolbert.

Tolbert says law enforcement agencies will be talking to parents, family, and friends. Leads will be sent out across every field division in the country.

But when it comes to specific areas as possible targets, investigators will want to take a thorough look.

“When you get specifics that talk about another area, it gives law enforcement pause to make sure we get in front of this,” Tolbert said. “It’s unacceptable something should happen in another city when there was any indication, and law enforcement didn’t respond appropriately.”

In addition to the online diary, social media platforms and pages will also play a crucial role.

“It gives law enforcement a source of investigative lead, see who they talked to on social media, what they said,” Tolbert said.

There’s no telling how long the investigation will take. But in the meantime, the community will try to heal.

“I long for the day our country will no longer have an appetite to allow these kinds of things to exist,” he said. Click here for a list of ways you can help the community in this time.